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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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this one on the jersey side of the equation, it comes behind me here, thousands of new parking spots have opened up but be forewarned they come as a price. >> last month they walked across the ben franklin bridge, new jersey officials were emphatic, there would be no private parking they would be reserved for buses carrying pilgrims, but they did not come. camden hopes that 8,000 plus cars will park here, the catch to get past the road closures you must preregister online and pay for your permit. the cost $43. >> we have, that is
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available on your mobile devices and the internet. >> the pitch is once folks park here they can get to philadelphia, patco, they have 60,000 unsold passes the river ferry or the maligned multimile hike over the ben franklin bridge, that is closed for traffic. patco had news, they are no longer selling passes online, concerned they cannot mail them in time. they will sell them at the offices. and the new jersey transit line is selling tickets prior to the weekend. >> think about those weekend, they will not be on sale over the weekend, you need to make an effort to make your plans and buy your tickets today. >> reporter: so different transit agencies two different theorys on sales, the sale for
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the special passes have been somewhat slow, patco only sold 20% of their 75,000 passes it has issued they hope that today's opening up of parking spaces here in camden will help spur the folks across the river to come see the pope. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> we of course are just nine days and 17 hours away from pope francis arriving in philadelphia, officials are hoping that major technology upgrades can help millions of visitors from dropping their calls. david henry is live with the details. >> hi sharrie, we are live here at the parkway, the venue is here, the super structure and the festival stage and the alter is going up with the help of a couple of cranes, we are ten days from the pope's approachal and it's time to make final preparations and get in the
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spirit. >> this is about civic pride about using this historic opportunity to tell our story to the world about our unique history and our exceptional people who call the philadelphia region home. >> we have heard a lot of complaintses about the inconvenience of the massive undertaking, but mayor nutter says look on the bright side, the prestige and the once in a lifetime opportunity. the mayor has sternly outlined what people can't do, where they can't walk, where they can't drive. now we need to show our unique stature as a people. he hopes that center city will be impacted but the rest of the city will be open as usual. the only impact is the trash collection around that weekend. the signs of preparations are visible on the parkway but what you may not notice behind the scenes is represented by the
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none descript poles, this he got a dry run over labor day festival, many complained that they did not get cell phone service during the weekend. engineers say they have addressed those concerns. >> there were notes that they performed sub par and we addressed that and we feel confident about the infrastructure and the rf and we expect to have the best that could be designed out there for the folks that are here. >> reporter: there may be upwards of a million of those folks gathering to see the pope celebrating mass on the alter under construction behind us, the crowd will be ten times the crowd that was here for made in america. live on the parkway, david
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henry, channel 6 "action news." >> david, i was down there where you are standing, quite transformation. >> the coverage of the upcoming papal visit continues on, we have a closer look at the highways and bridge closures while the pope is in town and a closer look how the ben franklin parkway will be transformed to welcome pope francis. police are looking for the man that assaulted and robbed a woman outside of franklin elementary at 7:00 a.m., they say that the man pistol whipped the woman and took her purse before children arrived forbe the school day and they are not identifying the victim and staff was on hand to address concerns that parents might have. police in newcastle county say they have identified the man that killed a woman, benjamin
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ralph. ralph who was his classmate at temple was taken into custody on monday at his home in new york, they found a substantial amount of mar bon in the victim's car. the philadelphia department of license and inspections is accused of jeopardizing safety. he revealed a special investigation from his office, he says that hundreds of dangerous homes across the city are one brick away from crumbling to the ground, along with illegal emligses, they found that 1900 inspections were done without proper inspections. and ten measures to reform the department including immediate removal of commissioner collins.
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now a check of the accuweather forecast, a beautiful day, and the temperatures continue to climb upwards. lets head outside to adam joseph who has a chance to do that. >> it's technically summer, and temperatures are 10 yesterday. and as we look at the numbers in new england, 83 now and burlington, vermont, 84 degrees, one of the foliage reports came out and still not much in the way of color, it's warm locally and even to the north and eastern canada and north new england. we see large high pressure in control and any cloud cover north of the hudson bay at this point, everyone sun soaked no matter where you are in the
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eastern half of the country. what is ahead in the accuweather forecast? we have three more warm days before it turns a touch more humid over the weekend and then the clouds move back in and they are stubborn when they do. we'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast. >> thanks very much. republican presidential candidates are getting ready to take the stage for the major debate tonight, they are meeting at the reagan presidential library in california. just like last time, donald trump will stand front and center, he is topping polls, and carly fiorina will join the candidates this time. she is the only woman in the republican field, democrat presidential candidate, hillary clinton, is keeping a close eye on what happened tonight as will vice president joe biden, who is still weighing a presidential run. the refugee crisis overseas has reached a boiling point with
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riot police confronted refugees coming into hungary, they were met with tear gas and water cannons. >> we didn't really have a choice, the only way to defend such a long border. which is easy to be crossed is a physical obstacle, manpower you simply cannot do it. >> the escalation reached new heights as hungary armed and took action against the razor wire fence, the images of the children being rescued from the tear gas is gut-wrenching, the foreign minister says they have no problem to take in war refugees but not economic mig rantss because they cannot carry
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the burden. as for the united states we say we can only accept 10,000, and they say the number is inadequate quite. time for the "action news" traffic report, matt pellman is standing by on an important week. >> oh, yes. it's hump day. happy hump day brian and sharrie, we started the last few afternoon commutes with major accidents on highways. this afternoon we start with three major accidents on three major highways, one on 42 southbound side it's just up ahead involving an overturned vehicle past 255, and that means things are not moving so well, speeds like 10 miles per hour. coming off the walt whitman bridge and the 240 delays are spilling back to 295, with
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speeds like 11 and 12 miles per hour. this is delco, 195, should be 8 minutes to the blue routes, three time what's it should be because of the second major accidents in the northbound lanes near 320, are you stuck with the delays here on 95 in delco and the accident is gone. this one almost gone in the eastbound lanes of vine street expressway. police are on the scene but are you jammed solid coming off the schuylkill expressway, we have problems all day on the regional rails, what is left is the half hour delays on the wilmington newark and media elwin. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, maple shade on 380 eastbound and an opening on the tacony palmyra bridge. lots going on. >> thanks very much. more to come on "action news" at
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4:00 today, first a texas teenager, led out of class in handcuffs. >> they arrested me and they told me i committed a crime of a hoax bomb. >> we'll have details on that story, but call it a fake bomb but he was simply using the clock that he built. why this invention got him in so much trouble. >> and more on hurricane sandy victims. i don't want to live with
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is right for you. this is 14-year-old amed muhammad, one of his inventions got the award winner booked by police. >> it's the first time i brought an invention to school to show the teacher. >> he rebuilt a digital clock,
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and proud of it, he packed it up to show his engineering teacher. but later his english teacher got spooked by it and alerted the principal and called police. >> they arrested me and told me that i committed a crime of a hoax bomb. a fake bomb. >> we attempted to question the juvenile what it was and he simply said it was a clock, not what it was for or why he created the device and why he brought it to school. >> without a satisfactory answer they booked him for a hoax bomb. >> i think this would not be a question if name was not ahmed muhammad, he likes to create things and share it with his teachers, his family says he was targeted because he is muslim but the police department says that is not true. the police did not file formal
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charges and released him to his parents just in time by the way for ahmed to visit the white house, president obama tweeted today cool clock, want to bring it to the white house, we should inspire for kids like you to like science, i like the ending to this story. >> what a turn around of events. alicia thanks. homes looking to challenge their claims from hurricane sandy, can file. they complain that the insurers short changed them and 14,000 people have asked for reviews so far. rival brews, bud light and miller light could soon be made by the same company. anheuser busch wants to buy
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miller in a multimillion-dollar deal. it could be a super brewery of sorts, cranking out nine of the stop selling beers by volume. shares in both companies shot up as soon as that news came out today and speaking of shares, that shot up. green arrows across the board today as stocks edged higher as everybody waits for the fed to make up its mind as to whether they raise rates or not. the dow up 49 points and the s&p up 17 points on the day. september is national hunger action month, and a grocery change known throughout the delaware valley is pitching in to make a different. shop-rite kicked off the help bag hunger day. local firefighters and politicians helped to bag groceries for customers, the goal is to raise awareness about hunger, shop-rite works year round to raise money for local
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food banks. >> if we could talk about this weather every day of the year, we would be the happiest people around. >> yes, it is absolutely beautiful no matter where you are, are you looking live at the sky 6 hd camera in cape may, some folks reason ott sunday and you can see the sparkling ocean water with hardly a wave. it's so calm. 86 allentown, philadelphia 85 and 83 in dover, a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in there, feels like 80 in cape may and 83 in beach haven and in lancaster, also mimicking that number on long beach island of 83. comfy as well 56 dew point in allentown un55 in millville and
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the dew points being that low is what is giving us these cool nights and these really spectacular afternoons. as you look at the playground forecast, it's one of the days you wants to take the kids out before or after dinner, only dipping to 81 at 7:00, very warm and very pleasant, as we look at satellite and radar, there are high clouds to the south trying to puncture to the north where the high pressure is, high pressure is so firm in our region, a lot of these clouds fall apart as they push into the very dry air. overnight we expect a clear sky and a little bit of a crescent moon there. patchy fog develops tonight and tomorrow morning, wilmington 59 and 63 in philadelphia and pretty much the same at the shore between 62 and 63 degrees, as we look at the day planner, 66 at 8:00 in the morning and
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once again full sunshine in the afternoon, jumping into the 80s by the lunch time hour and as we get into that 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, looking at the 35 to 36 degrees, tomorrow evening though it's beautiful there is a calm wind, we have an air quality alert day and ozone action day, the ground is about to go high, so sensitive groups on thursday. sunny and warm tomorrow and 87 degrees, we do it again here on friday, 10 degrees above normal at 87, mimic it again on saturday and the exception on saturday it turn a touch more humid and 87, a lot of clouds with a fronts on sunday and a little bit of sunshine and 81 degrees, we are going back to school, i'm bringing you in the classroom again and remember do not pull out the answer here. what type of fall foliage can we expect this year? great, terrible or patchy?
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tweet me your answer. i'll retweet the first correct answer, and that person get a shout-out at the 4:50 weather in the next half hour. still ahead here on "action news," an old office building in camden has a new purpose as a high tech school. and it's more than just the students benefiting from the makeover, find out how the entire community can take advantage. and a town considering a dress code they say is all about respect. male and female they don't want to see your underpants, people seeing short shirts or saggy pants. coming up.
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but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. why fios? ultimately, that's why. right now, get 25 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement. call or go online today, hurry this offer ends september 19th. get out of the past. get fios. firefighters battled a house fire in north philadelphia early this morning, crews say that heavy smoke was pouring out a bedroom when they arrived. can you see the damage to the windows and awnings, the fire
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broke out at 5:45 this morning on the 2200 block of north 18th street, investigators have not said what sparked the fire but nobody was hurt. a charter school in camden new jersey is breathing new life into an old building, they got to check out the santiago campus today, the so-called steam school. they focus on science, technology, engineering arts and math. leap academy build a cafe and health and wellness center all of which are open to the public there. all of this is inside of the 12 story wilson building, the city's first skyscraper. still to come at 4:00, grounded why one national airliner told some of their employees they cannot fly until they slim down. >> and plans to redevelop the divine lorraine and bring back
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the north corridor as a whole. and the sole survivor of that ambush of that shooting on television. how she stayed alive. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok.
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i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. "action news" continues. >> well, it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a designer deal that sounds too good to be true, where you can find a $675
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pair of louboutins for less than $100, and the steals don't stop there. we have heard of lawmakers trying to ban baggy pans but one town is taking it farther what they want to stop women from wearing. and a question that is stirring up the debate, at what age is a child the most fun and loveable and how about the mo most -- >> we begin with the rebirth of north street, this is the divine lorraine, it stood as a billboard for on lance and quality, and now it's a billboard of blight that is until today. vernon odom is live in spring garden with more on how the divine lorraine will rise and reclaim its glory once again. >> reporter: hi brian, the
4:30 pm
legendry divine lorraine hotel is coming back, going back to its original state and be refurbished at broad. a ground breaking today on north broad, a divine moment, the politicians and the big money players, officially kicked off the redevelopment and rejuvenation of the landmark, the divine lorraine hotel, since 1999 an abandoned neglected shell and now the deal is done, private and government money to refurbish the building as a gateway as the north corridor. when completed it will have over 100 high end apartments and retail and restaurant space. >> this is the most complicated building of my 35 year career, there was no way to make it work, we needed some government help.
4:31 pm
the building history is rich. completed completed in 1894, it was the hang out of the nouveau rich. and then the hang out of father divine, he claimed himself god all mighty on earth. >> the divine lorraine became the first interests grated hotel in the city of philadelphia, recent decades have not been kind to this proud old building with vacancy and decay and blight threatening a sad end for a part of philadelphia's past. >> they see this as a time for better times ahead for this part of town. >> it will will he good for the community and bring a lot of jobs and take people from off the streets. >> reporter: the full renovation of the divine lorraine hotel is expected to take two years.
4:32 pm
>> meantime, philadelphia police are looking for to masked men that stalked two workers in port richmond and tried to rob them, service video show a green van stop in front of the richmond check cashing last weekend, well a few minutes later, a man in his 70s and a woman in her 30s walk up to open the store and within seconds the men storm the business and knock the man to the ground and then the alarm went off and sent the suspects out the door empty handed. detectives are also searching for a trio that pulled off a well orchestrated prescription pill heist. cameras show three masked men arrive add the farm and grange pharmacy early monday morning on broad street. two of them use the crowbars and power saws to break through the back doors and cut the alarm
4:33 pm
system, once inside they went for specific medications, while an accomplice served as a lookout, the suspect turned their attention to a safe while they tried to saw the safe open, and then the lookout alerted them via walky talkie and they got away with several bottles of narcotics and no cash. a valley middle school teacher learned his sentence for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student, a judge ordered william barber to spend 1 to 2 years in prison and then sexual predator connotation. prosecutors say he had sex with a student that he met in his gym class and he had worked for that district for more than a decade. rutgers football coach is
4:34 pm
fined $50,000 for alleged misconduct, kyle flood is also suspended for three games, they found that he met with and emailed with one of his player's teachers. despite the ban on contacting them, the student happens to be one of the football players arrested for a string of home invasions earlier this month. now to meteorologist, adam joseph, who shares with us continuing good news in the weather world. >> kind of a broken record but a record that keeps skipping every day of the week as you look live on sky 6, a crystal clear blue sky, 85 degrees and it feels comfortable out and winds from the south southwest at 3 miles per hour and the atlantic city back bays are looking beautiful there as well. maybe a little haze in the air as well. 81 degrees, the air temperature
4:35 pm
and the dew point is higher as the wind comes off the bay there, at 7 miles per hour. and the ocean water temperature is still 72 degrees, the question becomes where is fall, it is nowhere on this map, it is 93 in omaha, and 95 in wichita, kansas and 82 in chicago and 92 in new orleans, you can see there is no relief in the norm of the 80s so to speak, we'll chat about the 80s continuing through the weekend, we'll let you know when we'll get somewhat near normal if there is much needed rain in the forecast. >> you forget we need the rain still. >> this marks the 20th anniversary of the new electric factory, the spring garden celebrated it by showing its concert photos and memorabilia, and the upcoming fall concert schedule and it has inked new partnerships with local businesses that includes the
4:36 pm
electric factory beer made we the philadelphia brewing company. a local college made the shocking decision to actually reduce the cost of student tuition, officials at rosemont college made the announcement today. "action news" anchor, monica malpass has more on this. >> that is right the cost of tuition at rosemont college is cut by 43% and that is tuition, and the room and board is going down as well. tuition will drop from about $32,000 a year to $18,500 that starts in the academic year of 2016 and the small liberal art schools dropped room and board by $1900, eva pilgram will be live on campus later to tell us how officials at rosemont made this surprising decision. >> we'll have that story and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. >> monica thank you. meantime, students in one
4:37 pm
new jersey city have a lot to sing about today. ♪ a popular song, the city of trenton will now have more funding for students in music and art, part of an initiative called any given child, run by the washington based kennedy center, making art education a priority at the time when the school districts are cutting the arts because of tight budgets, camden is the first to receive this partnership with the kennedy center. >> love that song. rod stewart. that is now stuck in my head than is okay. trade in and trade up, we'll take you to a local retail shop specializing in designer deals straight ahead. equally offensive, one alabama town does not just want to ban men from wearing saggy pants, but something women wear also. and a question that seems
4:38 pm
impossible to answer, at what able say child most fun and loveable. 40% of the parents asked responded and agreed. we'll reveal the age coming up. >> adam joseph returns with the full forecast from accuweather.
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the bomb who survived a shooting on live television in virginia is revealing what she did that may have saved her life. vicky gardner spoke for the first time in public about what happened during the august 26th attack, she was being interview when gunman, vester flannigan approached and fired. he killed parker and ward and after the initial gunshots she instinctively played dead. >> i fell to the ground as
4:41 pm
though i had been hit and went into fetal position, i felt as though he would shoot me in the head -- >> incredible story there, gardner was shot in the back and lost a kidney. meantime flannigan killed himself after a police chase. an escape artist that works with famous magician chris angel, is recovering after a trick went terribly wrong, he was placed inside a water torture chamber, chained and handcuffed it was suspended over the air on a north jersey street, angel was able to get all the locks off except for one, they made the decision to rescue him after 2.5 minutes under water, he is expected to be okay. the family of a 93 woman is standing up to city hall after city hall refused to let that woman sit down, this is rose saints george, they likes to
4:42 pm
pass the days by sitting on her comfortable chair on her front porch. but code enforcement came out and said indoor furniture is not allowed outside, making her move it or pay a fine. >> is it doesn't baernlg anybody just sitting here. >> i'm going to charge you $350 because you have a chair on the porch. >> that is disgusting. >> rose's son robert who you saw there refuses to move the furniture and bowing to public pressure, they say they will not force the 93-year-old to take her chair inside but they are making her move some recycling bins out of her front yard. big talkers now alabama is considering a dress code in dadeville, they are looking to ban saggy pants and not to be sexist but super short skirts
4:43 pm
too. they don't wants to see your underpants no matter who you are, and it's all about respect and god's example, if the ban is passed. the saggy pants and mini skirts could cost violators up to $100. air india is grounding 130 flight attendants for being too big. airlines penalize us for overweight baggage and now this airline is doing the same for its overweight employees, they said they made the decision based on safety concerns and government regulations, under the guidelines, unfit crew members with high bmis are given six months to slim down or lose their jobs, critics call this shockingly sexist and that this targeted working parents, specifically moms and this is not a modeling job and we are not working a cat walk, just working the aisles there. >> finally kids are tons of fun,
4:44 pm
their first step and tons of smiles, being a parents say special thing but apparently the little ones are the most fun at a particular age according to a lot of moms and dads out there. can you guess which age? 5. in an article posted 2,000 families were survey, 40% of parents said when their kids are 5 they are the most fun, and between 10 and 12 it's difficult to spend time with them and others were not fans of newborn days, the teething and sleepless nights and feedings, at 5 they are said to be the cutest, curious about the world and school age and easier than toddlers and i guess teens, i'm not there yet. but in the end the article reminds us to
4:45 pm
a parking lot off the walt whitman bridge on down past 55, we have a vehicle that tripped over earlier this afternoon and they are blocking the right lane as a result. this has traffic tied in knots in the area of bellmawr, northbound 92 a gaper delay and northbound 55, the delays spill back to 295, single digits in fact. this means 45 minute delays if you are riding an njt bus, expect slowing from the big delays on 4-because of the
4:46 pm
accidents this afternoon. no more delays on the tacony palmyra bridge, go ahead and use it, but now you are forking over $4 at the tacony palmyra, the toll hike went into effect last night. on the big picture, normal afternoon on 95, a crash in northwest philadelphia at 68th and woodland and headed eastbound on the vine street expressway, on the schuylkill to body street because of a crash there, those delays spilling back on to the schuylkill itself. we are moving at this pace, not a good one from the boulevard to the vine, and no crashes on the schuylkill. we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the next half hour. it's all connected. thank you matt, meteorologist, adam joseph has a look at the fabulous accuweather forecast.
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all right adam are you going to reveal the answer to your trivia question. >> i gave you the trivia talking about the fall foliage, here is the question that i had given you a half hour ago, what type of fall we would expect, terrible, great or patchy. which one do you think it was? i would be cheating because you told me the answer. but we did guess, alicia got it exactly right. it was c patchy, we give a shout-out to janelle. she has her model face going on, she got it right first on my twitter, the reason it's patchy it was dry for much of the season and limited cool nights when have you a hot dry summer there is stress on the trees and
4:50 pm
you notice a lot of leaves in your backyard have turned brown and fallen completely off. that is one of the main reasons we are not have extreme bright color area wide and if you have seen extra rain like the lehigh scaly or interior southern new jersey, you may see some color. 84 in reading, and 85 in wilmington and 84 in millville and low 80s at the shore with the ocean warm at 72 degrees, satellite and radar shows high clouds streaming up from the south and they hit a wall and do not completely push in because of high pressure and dry air in place. clear and comfortable overnight tonight, and patchy fog will develop and 63 degrees is the number in philadelphia and high pressure is to the east, and thursday and friday, it stays sunny and the summer feeling
4:51 pm
sticks around and 87 both days and it starts to turn a little more humid as we get into saturday before a cold front comes in from the north and west. there are no signs of fall despite the fact that it officially begin a week from today, and the next forecast high is 87 degrees, you compare that to normal for this time of year, it's close to 10 degrees above normal and typical to july to early august as opposed to the middle part of october. the one thing we have going is the lack of humidity. the exclusive accuweather forecast 87 the next two days and a touch more humid and 87 on saturday, and a cold front comes through on sunday, dry and a few clouds and 81 degrees and an easterly wind develops on monday, tuesday and wednesday, as we get into the first day of autumn and the easterly win the clouds lock into play here and we could have on and off showers
4:52 pm
and this pattern was going to break down at some point and temperatures will go to normal next monday, tuesday and wednesday in the mid and upper 70s. and another thing you want for a good fall color. is a wet spring. wet spring and constant rain in the summer. a lot of ingredients xg. >> thanks adam. i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north
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tell senator toomey: it's time to clear the air. vote for the clean power plan. a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. we are finding cash in your closet. they are offering you money for clothes, accessories and cold hard cash for your clutter. >> i was going to say retail recycling is my favorite.
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>> unlike consignment where you have to wait for your items to get paid. clothes mentor makes you an offer right then and there, if you choose to spend the money in the store right then enthere, you get more. >> for sellers you can earn 30% to 40% back for things taking up space in your closet. for shoppers up to 30% off retail. >> jimmy choo boots, brand new with tags, $1,000, in our store, $300. >> red bottom christian louboutins. >> these are $700 in the store and $250 thrs here and this michelle watch is $800 here and this judein kipka necklace for
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$480. >> they own accept items in excellent condition and they are one of the only consignment stores with plus sizes. >> our customers ask for it and we love it. >> you know how expensive maternity clothes can be, if you can get them at clothes mentor and they look brand new, you win. >> mark jacobs and designer jeans. >> $200 jeans in our store are $35. i opted for the store credit after trading in a skirt and dress i barely wore for this bran new designer dress with tags and i got $2 back on top of it, enough for a coffee. >> and you look great. >> love that dress. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, i'm brian taff. >> we'll see you at 10:00 but here now is monica malpass and rick williams with a look ahead.
4:57 pm
coming up next we are live at the philadelphia zoo, that is where we find cecily tynan on this week's outdoor adventure. hi cecily. >> hi monica and rick and we are here at the zoo and they have threatened animals this is a corn snake, and they are found in the eastern united states and they are threatened in the wild, they are beautiful and a lot of people take them home as pets and after years that can have an influenza on the numbers, i'll feed the polar bear live at the philadelphia zoo. beautiful animal. >> all right we like the polar bear too. >> that and much more coming up next at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. before pope francis arrives, many folks are trying to get into town or looking for a way out. either way the roads are going to be clogged and folks are getting concerned. the latest on "action news" is the latest on road closures and
5:00 pm
restrictions as we get closer to the events. >> sara bloomquist is live now along the schuylkill with the details all drivers need to know. >> reporter: monica and rick, the weekend of the papal visit, this side of the schuylkill eastbound in this area will be closed to traffic. on the other side the westbound side will be open, it gets confusing, it's a good time to review and today we went back to penndot to get new information to help you plan ahead. penndot says it's a matter of public safety, starting friday september 25th, major highways are shutting down in and around philadelphia, state police and penndot will put up the barriers from i-76 to i-95 to route 1, i


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